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Outliner Update

Outliner Updated to 1.1

BretFX Outliner has been updated to 1.1 with a new “distance” feature. You can now add distance between your outline and subject. Watch the video:   Outliner 1.1 is available for purchase immediately or a FREE UPDATE for past purchasers of Outliner. TO UPDATE, log into your account and choose Outliner 1.1 installer from the available downloads. […]

Plugin management

FCPX libraries to manage plugins?

Warning! This is just an idea and has not been rigorously tested.  I put it out there just for discussion.  I’ll demonstrate how FCP X 10.3’s ability to consolidate motion template media (plugins) might be used as a plugin management solution.  It might be a bad idea but I’m throwing it out there anyway for discussion. […]

Clock Maker Tutorials thumbnail

Clock Maker Tutorials

A comprehensive set of 4 tutorials covering all aspects of BretFX Clock Maker. Part One: Position, Size & Rotation, Animation, Text, and Highlight Part Two: Hands, Tick Marks, and Numbers Part Three: Edge and Background Part Four: Time Display

Speech Bubble developer preview

Speech Bubble Developer Preview

A scattered, rambling look at the upcoming Speech Bubble & Cartoon FX plugin which includes a couple questions about a few issues for my developer friends out there.  Nine and a half minutes of your life you’ll never get back. I’d love to hear any ideas from both FCP X/Motion users and plugin developers.  Thanks!

BretFX Outliner Youtube thumb

New Freebie: Outliner LITE

To accompany the launch of tutorials on, we’ve also launched the result of the tutorial as a new freebie plugin, Outliner LITE. Like it’s big brother, Outliner Lite is a fun, easy way to add an outline to any video, image or graphic that contains transparency. With the lite version of Outliner, you can […]

facebook header 3D Grand Opening 8/16!

I’m excited to announce the official launch of this Tuesday 8/16. I would love to hear your feedback and suggestions before the “Grand Opening.” The first free template is immediately available and the first two plugins will be on sale 50% off 8/16 through 8/18 at noon. The demo videos of the first 3 […]


Speech Bubble & Cartoon Kit

Coming soon to!  Speech Bubble & Cartoon FX. A customizable, speech bubble plugin for FCP X. On screen controls adjust the size, position, and tail length. Other features include roundness, tail direction, border color, & bubble color. Turn on the cartoon fx to add adjustable halftone, outline, and posterization to the background. Turn on […]

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Clock Maker updated

(update 8/9/16: Thanks to the early adopters! Clock Maker will officially launch 8/16/16 with the Grand Opening. The current version should still be available in your account downloads.) Clock Maker and all it’s presets have been updated today 6/10/16.  A few bugs have been squashed and some new features have been added in the categories […]

facebook header 3D in testing

In the near future we hope to have things here little more nailed down and ready for an announced launch. In the meantime, if you’ve somehow stumbled across us here, you can expect a few changes along the way as we work out the kinks. Right now the site,  embedding demo videos and tutorials, and even product details are […]