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Free FCP X Transition Plugin: Batmanned

Batmanned – Free FCP X transition

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Just a fun, free FCP X transition plugin paying homage to a classic show! Your media spins around violently in the background while your logo flies forward and back in front of an icon of a bat.  Adjust scale and position and color. Turn the bat and or logo on/off.  Why waste any more time? Download it already and have fun!

Run the installer, agree to the license, and drag the file to the folder.  In FCP X it will show up in the transitions under BretFX Batmanned.  Drag it to the edit point between two clips.  Adjust the length.  Between 1 sec and 1 1/2 seconds seems to be best.

To use your own logo click on the drop zone in the inspector, then click on your own logo in the browser and then click “apply” under the viewer window. Adjust the scale & position of your logo to taste in the inspector with the “Logo Scale” and “Logo Position” sliders. You can turn the logo off by unchecking the “Use Logo” checkbox.

Click on the bat color to change it’s color and adjust the size with the “Bat size” slider. To turn the bat off entirely, uncheck the “Use Bat” checkbox.

Final Cut Pro X 10.3.1 (and later)


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