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New $5 Effects!

This week we’ve launched a new category of $5 Effects.  Simpler, useful tools that might ordinarily be packaged as part of a larger set of effects for much more money.  But why pay for all the effects you don’t need when you can buy just what you need, when you need it, a la carte?  The aim for $5 Effects category is to not only be affordable but to be a place for everyday tools that might otherwise not have a home.  The first two original effects published are Reflect and Word Cloud.

Reflect is just what you guessed.  Add it to an anything and you’ve instantly got a reflection in 3D space. You can animate the X, Y, and Z location and the X & Y rotation.  It features a virtual floor that the image or object can disappear into.  Adjust the reflection opacity and blur/falloff.

Word Cloud lets you swirl 10 words or phrases around an object with adjustable size, speed & direction, all without any keyframes.  Paste 10 words into the text box and you’re ready to go.