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BretFX Cartoon Effect is available separately from the from the Speech Bubble & Cartoon Kit set. Why pay for a whole kit when you can buy just the element you need, a la carte?

Cartoon Effect consists of the Cartoon Effect custom plugin and 7 effect presets. Adjust detail, halftone, outline, posterization and strobing of your image to give it that animated, hand drawn or printed feel.

Final Cut Pro X 10.2.3+

Download includes 1 FCP X plugin, 7 presets and detailed instructions


(revised 8/8/2017)

Thanks for downloading the BretFX Cartoon Effect plugin!  I hope you enjoy it and find it useful in your productions. If these instructions don’t cover all questions about installation and usage, don’t hesitate to contact

Final Cut Pro X 10.2.3+

Double click the DMG file to mount the installer and agree to the license. 

Double click the installer pkg to install the BretFX Cartoon Effect custom plugin and 7 effect presets. They will appear in the Effects browser listed under BretFX Cartoon Kit.


To Apply
In FCP X, navigate to the effects browser and find BretFX Cartoon Kit. Drag BretFX Cartoon Effect or one of the effect presets to a clip in the timeline.    All presets have the same controls and capabilities of the custom Cartoon Effect plugin. 

Cartoon Effect Controls
Select the clip that you applied Cartoon Effect to and open the inspector (if it isn’t already). Navigate to the Cartoon Effect or chosen Cartoon Effect preset. Click the small triangle to the left of the effect name to to expose the effect controls if they aren’t already visible.  

Effect Blend Mode
Controls how the Detail, Halftone, Outline and Posterization interact with each other and the source image.  Try different settings for uniquely different results.

Image Detail
Adjusts the amount of detail in the source image.

Halftone Size
Controls the size of the halftone effect.

Halftone Contrast
Adjust the sharpness of the halftone.

Halftone Strength
Adjusts the opacity of the halftone effect.  Set to 0 for no halftone effect and 100 for a stronger effect.

Ink Outline
Add a sketch-like outline to the image edges.  A smaller number is a stronger effect.  Detail and contrast will have an effect on this control as well.

Outline Smooth
Affects the harshness of the Ink Outline and blends it with the source image.

Outline Color
The color of the outline sketch.

Paper Color
The tint/hue of the underlying “paper” and source image.

Checking this box turns on posterizing of the source image.  

Posterize Amount
The higher the amount, the smaller the number of colors used in the image.  More posterization can resemble a low quality print process. Due to the high contrast nature of the cartoon effect, posterization may have to be set to a high number to see a change.

Checking this box turns on the strobe effect and stutters the video.

Strobe FPS
Controls the stutter/frame rate of your footage without affecting the duration or speed.   Lower frame rates produce a more pronounced stutter motion.

Thanks for your support.  Have fun!

Bret Williams

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  1. Tony (verified owner)

    Using the cartoon effect on your footage creates a fun, unique look. Terrific!

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