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Clock Maker & Outliner Bundle

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About Clock Maker
Clock Maker is a highly customizable, animated clock plugin for FCP X that highlights a particular time frame.  The size, color, position and scale of nearly every aspect of the face, hands, background/drop zone, tick marks and highlight can be adjusted or turned on/off with unlimited possibilities. It’s great for overlaying over a time lapse, informational graphic, cooking video or anywhere you need to show the passage of a particular amount of time.

About Outliner
Outliner is a fun, easy way to add unique outlines and fills to any video, image or graphic that contains transparency.  It is great for stylizing chroma-key footage or livening up graphics, text or logos.

Tested with Final Cut Pro X 10.2.3

Download includes:
Clock Maker FCP X plugin, over 20 presets and detailed instructions
Outliner FCP X plugin, and detailed Instructions

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