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Text Message is a simple, yet unique text message plugin for FCPX 10.4 and above. It’s ability to automatically scale the bubble to fit the text and push up the other messages makes animation a breeze. Don’t let it’s simplicity fool you. It’s full of options to emulate most text messaging apps or to create your own original look.

Final Cut Pro X 10.4+

Download includes 8 sets of fully customizable Left and Right presets for a total of 16 plugins plus instructions.

Sound effects & Fonts not included


Text Message is an easy to use, unique text message plugin for FCPX 10.4 and above. It’s ability to automatically scale the bubble to fit your text and automatically advance other messages makes animation a breeze. And it’s full of options to emulate popular text message looks or create your own. Adjust the text, shape, tail, animation, data, profile pic, outline, transparency, shadow and more.

Self scaling message bubble.
Edit your text and the bubble expands to fit.

Automatic Message Advance
Add your next text message above the previous on the FCPX timeline and it will push up the previous message.  In fact, it will push up everything beneath it.  Once you’ve laid out your bubbles in your conversation, select them all and choose option+G to group them as a compound clip.  This will return your background to it’s place as well as anything else that was being advanced up with the other messages.

3 Animation Types
Choose from: Bounce, Slide or Fade.

Extra Data Field
Use the optional extra data field to add date, time, name, phone # or other information.  Position the data and it will hold it’s relative position to the bubble.

Bubble Adjustments
Adjust the roundness, color and transparency of your bubble.

4 Tail Styles
Choose from 4 popular tail styles or none at all.

Image/Profile Pic Options
Your image/profile pic can be turned on or off, scaled and positoned. Control the shape from round to square.

Variable Outline
Add a variable width color outline around your bubble & image.

Shadow Controls
Control the blur, angle, distance & opacity of the optional shadow.

Final Cut Pro X 10.4+

Download includes 8 sets of fully customizable Left and Right presets for a total of 16 plugins plus instructions.

Sound effects & Fonts not included.

Tutorial / Overview


Double click the DMG file to mount the installer and agree to the license.
Double click the installer pkg to install the BretFX Text Message plugins. They will appear in the Titles browser listed under BretFX Text Message.

Application & Tips
In FCP X, navigate to the effects browser and find BretFX Text Message. Drag either the left or right message to the timeline. Both Left and Right messages have the same controls, but their animation direction and their tail direction are designed for left or right sides of the screen. The message will automatically push up anything or any text message beneath it. You have two options to keep materials beneath the text message from scrolling up the screen with each new instance of text message:

Option 1– Apply all instances of text message, allowing messages and video below to scroll up the screen. Then select ONLY the text message titles and create a compound clip. The video below the compounded messages will go back to where it was before applying Text Message.

Option 2 – Select the video beneath the text messages and move it above the text messages. In the inspector, change it’s compositing blend mode to “behind.” Though visually the top layer in your timeline, the video will now display as if it were under the text messages, but unaffected by the scrolling.

Option 2 is the better option if your timeline is simple enough, as it leaves everything visible for easy adjustment in context with everything else. With Option 1 you’ll have to open the compound clip to make adjustments, then back out to the main timeline to see if they work in context, then re-open the compound to re-adjust and so on.

Once you’ve designed your text message(s) in the timeline, option drag it (or copy / paste) to create a duplicate for the next message, and simply edit the text. Repeat the process for the other (left or right message) side of the conversation. Generally the only design difference of the virtual conversation (between left and right messages) would be color.

Text Message is highly customizable. Select the Text Message in your timeline and open the inspector (if it isn’t already). Make sure the Title Inspector panel is active. It’s the far left choice at the top of the inspector. A square with a “T” in it.

Animation Type
Select the animation style. Your message can bounce in (overshoot type effect), slide in, or fade in. In all 3 cases other text messages and elements in the timeline below will slide up the screen by a distance equal to the height of the text message.

Here you can fill in the text for the two text fields related to your text message. As you fill in Message Text, the bubble will expand to accommodate the text and it’s size. The Extra Data field is another text element that will remain connected to the message bubble. You can adjust it’s relative position or turn it off. Both fields have basic font, size and color controls. For more control over the typography, use the standard FCPX Text pane.

Here you can change the color, roundness and opacity of the bubble. You may also choose a tail design or turn it off completely. X Position controls the bubble’s location horizontally, while Y Offset adjusts how far it animates (and pushes other elements) up the screen. By default it moves up the screen just a little more than enough to reveal the bubble. The extra data field isn’t taken into account. If you use extra large fonts or a large data field you may need to adjust the Y offset.

Turn on the image to reveal a an adjustable shaped drop zone to the side of the bubble that can be used for an avatar or logo, etc. Click the drop zone box in the inspector, then click an element in the browser. Choose “Apply” in the viewer window to apply. Back in the inspector you can adjust the image pan (position) within the shape or change it’s size within the shape. You can also change the position and scale of the shape itself. The shape/image will then hold that relative position and scale as the text message animates on.

Here you can turn on an outline around the text message to help it better stand out. It also applies to the image property discussed above if active. Choose the color and width.

A basic drop shadow with standard color, opacity, blur, distance and angle controls. It is applied to the entire text message, including image and extra data. If you wish to apply only to the text(s), use the standard text panel in the inspector.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    dharavisual (verified owner)

    I bought this and I wasn’t sure how to customize it. So I sent him an email and he responded in few seconds and we were talking back and forth in emails and he stayed up till the plugin worked for my customization.
    Excellent Customer Service
    Best plugin.
    I will keep buying all his plugins since the plugins make my films looks cool

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    T.lamprecht95 (verified owner)

    I’m happy to confirm the last review!
    Bret is a really nice guy and his detailed answer to my problem helped a lot!

    Thank you Bret, I will keep looking forward to your new plugins, as this one works really well and is much cheaper than usual!

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